Frozen is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma when the target is frozen solid and incapable of moving.


See also Elemental Debilitation.

Frozen may be inflicted by Ice based spells and weapons and the Ice breath from a Wyrm, Frostwyrm or Snow Harpy.

A frozen character takes double damage from the next attack. Being Frozen has a random chance to cause instant death upon being hit. Targets killed while frozen shatter into pieces.

Frozen lasts for about 15 seconds and can be cured by Spicy Mushroom Tea, Interventive, Panacea, the Halidom spell and any spell or item granting Impervious.

Frozen Resistance

For creatures, see the tables in List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.

Defense against this effect is given by the Iris Ring (100%), Surcoat (5%) and by upgraded Delta Guards.

In Dragon's Dogma the Set of Fisherman's Garb (20%) and Set of Servant's Garb (50%) also protected against being frozen, though these abilities were lost in Dark Arisen.


  • Drench first with water to increase the chance of freezing.
    • Luring enemies towards a water source and then quickly use Ice based weapons or spells.
  • If a pawn becomes Frozen, Carry them (pick them up) quickly to unfreeze them.
  • When frozen, wriggle (L-stick), to un-freeze oneself.