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Frozen is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma when the target is frozen solid and incapable of moving.


See also: Elemental Debilitation

Frozen may be inflicted by Ice based spells and weapons and the Ice breath from a Wyrm, Dire Wyrm or Snow Harpy.

A fully frozen person or creature takes double damage if hit with a physical attack from the next attack. Being hit always disperses the frozen status. Targets killed while frozen shatter into pieces.

Large creatures such as Drakes, Cyclops, or Ogres cannot be totally frozen, but may have parts of their body iced up. In these cases the ice forms a protective barrier, absorbing damage - when such a frozen part is hit physical damage is reduced substantially.

Magick attacks are unaffected either way by the target being frozen.

Frozen lasts for about 15 seconds and can be cured by Spicy Mushroom Tea, Interventive, Panacea, the Halidom spell and any spell or item granting Impervious.

Frozen Resistance[]

For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.

Defense against this effect is given by the Iris Ring (100%), Surcoat (5%) and by enahnced Delta Guard.

The Shoulder Cape also protects against being frozen. The Forest Tunic Set adds resistance when upgraded of an unknown amount.

In Dragon's Dogma the Set of Fisherman's Garb (20%) and Set of Servant's Garb (50%) also protected against being frozen, though these abilities were lost in Dark Arisen.

Notes and Tactics[]

  • Frozen resistance appears to be a hidden stat in that its effect is not listed in the items debilitation resistance stats. The effect may be mentioned in an item's description.
  • Magick attacks on a frozen creature or person will release them, but there is no damage increase.
    • Spells that do both physical and magickal damage (such as Magick Cannon) do not seem to have increased damage
    • Melee attacks with enchanted weapons seem to have total damage doubled.
    • Magic users should probably allow other allies to strike a frozen target.
  • Thrown Damage is also doubled, including Coin Purse of Charity
  • Fully frozen enemies are more susceptible to stagger and knockdown.
  • Drench first with water to increase the chance of freezing.
    • However being drenched also removes freezing, so creatures standing deep in bodies of water cannot be frozen.
  • Frozen doesn't show as a debiliation on giant creatures when only part of their body is affected.
  • If a pawn becomes Frozen, Carry them (pick them up) quickly to unfreeze them.
  • When frozen, wriggle (L-stick), to un-freeze oneself.
  • Being shattered doesn't seem to affect loot.