Frostwyrms are a more powerful subspecies of Wyrms that can be found on Bitterblack Isle.


Like Wyrms, Frostwyrms rely on spellcasting for their favored attack. The primary threat comes from their ability to cast even the highest order of spells extremely quickly and consecutively, often leading to a barrage of magickal attacks that will overwhelm anyone that cannot consistently avoid them. This combined with the rare ability to heal itself makes it one of the toughest enemies in Bitterblack Isle, especially when they are encountered unexpectedly or in groups, particularly when paired with a second Frostwyrm.

Defeating a Frostwyrm provides a chance of Dragonforging any Weapons or Armor that are equipped on the Arisen. Unlike the regular Wyrm, this also includes gear that has not been Enhanced.

Frostwyrms are encased in an icy aura that deals some damage to those climbing it or within melee range and can eventually freeze climbers solid.

The Frostwyrm's defense is not particularly strong when compared to its draconian cousins, making it comparatively easier to kill with direct physical damage.

Base Experience of 62,500

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


Gransys - Post-Game

Bitterblack Isle - Pre-Daimon

Bitterblack Isle - Post-Daimon


Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
140,000 1,850 470 4,300 1,350  ?
100% 100% 120% ineffective 40% 40% 40%
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen ( and in-game testing.


Attack Type Description
Frost Aura Spec The Frostwyrm emits a cloak of ice around its body, damaging clinging foes for 10 Ice damage per second and having a chance of inflicting the Frozen.
Ice Breath Mag A stream of ice is let loose from its mouth. Can cause Frozen.
Dive Phys A powerful lunge from the air.
Grab (Arisen) Phys The Arisen is grabbed and then smashed into the ground.
Grab (Pawn) Spec A Pawn is grabbed, but instead of being smashed into the ground, the Wyrm instead tries to seize control of its actions. Causes Possession status.
Stomp Attack Phys A powerful attack with its feet.
Sweeping Backhand Phys A backhanded slap with either one of its front claws.
Tail Sweep Phys A powerful spinning attack with its tail.
Wing Flap Spec/Phys Powerful wing flaps that create strong wings preventing the party from approaching. The Arisen can counteract this by equipping the Stability augment or armor with the bonus enhancement "Prevents wind from affecting mobility." While this negates the buffeting effect of the wind, the dragon's wing flaps will then be able to deliver physical blows.
Roar Spec/Status A roar that kills all pawns within range, staggers the Arisen and can cause Skill Stifling.
Charge Phys Charges at a target on the ground.
High Frigor Mag Creates three spires of ice which can toss its targets into the air and freeze them.
High Levin Mag A series of lightning bolts are created that smite its foes.
High Bolide Mag 10 meteors are summoned to indiscriminately barrage the battlefield.
Lassitude Mag/Status An area of effect sigil is created, inflicting Torpor on those who remain within it.
Exequy Mag A field of death is cast, killing anyone who stands within it upon the spell's completion.
Heal Mag/Spec The Frostwyrm is still for a moment, then restores 2 and a half bars of its own health.


Magick Archer vs 2 Frostwyrms (using Explosive Volley)

Magick Archer vs 2 Frostwyrms (using Explosive Volley)

Demonstration of the use of explosive rivets near its heart, followed by pawn melee attacks


  • The heart is its most vulnerable point, which must be struck by the Arisen when its health has fully depleted in order to complete the kill.
  • Weak against Fire.
  • Vulnerable to both Silence and Torpor
  • Bow-class pawns may equip special arrows and will use stat boosters if the Arisen has made them available (see Threat Level).
  • Blast Arrows are particularly useful against Frostwyrms; they will knock a Frostwyrm down instantly, dealing high damage and interrupting all spellcasting.
  • All melee vocations: Climb up to the heart and slash away.
    • For general climbing tips, see Climbing.
    • The Magick Archer spell Immolation has particular use in this battle.
  • Frostwyrms remain stationary when casting spells, providing an opportune moment to hit it with strong attacks. The Frostwyrm is not as resilient as the Firedrake, so a strong attack is more likely to stagger it.


Golden daggers only vs 2 Frostwyrms

Golden daggers only vs 2 Frostwyrms

A Strider demonstrating Silence effectiveness against Frostwyrms

  • Make good use of silence on this foe.
  • All of the Frostwyrm's spells can be perfect blocked.
  • When climbing Frostwyrms, wear an Iris Ring to prevent becoming Frozen while attacking its heart.
  • Come prepared to defend against Torpor with curatives, suitable equipment or a suitably skilled Mage.
  • When facing a Frostwyrm and another Dragon simultaneously (such as in the Sparyard of Scant Mercy), Silence the Frostwyrm first to render it practically harmless, then focus on the other Dragon which poses an actual threat.
  • The Dragon Roar is an ability which cannot be suppressed by inflicting Silence. For more tactics relating to this troublesome dragon skill see Dragon Roar.

Pawn specific

  • Consider equipping a pawn with a rusted weapon and/or golden weapon so they can continuously debilitate the Frostwyrm with Torpor and/or Silence.
  • Ranger pawns with the Great Gamble skill can remove several health bars from a Frostwyrm in a single shot. Unless the pawn has 100% Bestiary knowledge of all dragonkin, a Ranger pawn will randomly target one of four critical targets on the Frostwyrm (the 2 horns, the wings, and the heart). To ensure that a less-knowledgeable pawn targets the heart, the Arisen should prioratize destroying the two horns and wings so that the pawn is more likely to make an effective Great Gamble shot.
  • Pawns having 100% resistance to Possession can no longer be affected by the grab attack.


Pawn Chatter

"C-cold! ...Is that ice!?"


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