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Frontier Caverns is a location in Dragon's Dogma.



Entrance hole

The Frontier Caverns are tunnels accessed from within The Shadow Fort via a Goblin-dug tunnel in the far northwest corner of the fort.


  • Goblins
  • Hobgoblin (carrying torches which they may throw at the party to inflict Burning)


The Caverns contain an abundance of Devilwort and Gold, as well as Skulls, Throwblasts and Dragon's Spit; the Goblins have left items in a number of gather spots.

See also Proving Grounds, which has three treasure chests.

Pawn Travels Knowledge[]

  • Entering the Caverns grants a star. Note the comment "The Goblins came from this way".
  • Engaging the Goblins in the first chamber is also a flag. Pawns will not voice this knowledge.
  • The large iron gate at the far side of the Proving Grounds is another trigger. Note the comment "What could require a gate of this size?".
  • Upon defeat of the Hydra post-game, unlocking the small gate on the Eastern side of the proving grounds is also a flag.

Pawn Chatter[]

"Take care. From here on, the caves swarm with goblins."
"The goblins' stockpile must be close. Leave no corner unsearched."


Simply enter into Frontier Caverns to unlock the Into the Frontier Caverns achievement.