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Fourth Journal Entry is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An excerpt torn from a traveler's daybook. It tells of the author's love for the wife and child he left at home.
North winds blow ice into my very bones, and I am left to warm my breast with fond memories of home. Of wife, and daughter and the son whose face I've yet to see."

The fourth part of a journal written by Reynard's father as one of a set of six: First Journal Entry, Second Journal Entry, Third Journal Entry, Fourth Journal Entry, Fifth Journal Entry, and Final Journal Entry - collection of the journal entries forms part of the quest Search Party.


  • In a chest in the southernmost point of Barta Crags. It is found south of the Miasmic Haunt (poisonous lake), in the chests right next to the tent with the campfire. There are 4 chests clustered together, the Journal Entry will be in the middle chest of the 3 standard chests.