Fournival Manor is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Fournival Manor is one of the two large houses in Noble Quarter, the other being Knight's Manor. The residence is the home of the merchant Fournival, and his daughter Symone - they also employ the servant Isabel, who is oft seen around the house.

There are some everyday objects that can be pilfered from the house, but more interesting are the Gift Ledger (also called Tribute Ledger), and the Chamberlain's Affidavit found in the house - documents that give some insight into Fournival's business activities and character.

The Undead Strategy Vol. 1 scroll may be gathered from a stack of books in the entrance room.

A Gold Idol Forgery may be seen on the rafters of the upper floor dining room - it is out of reach, but can be obtained by stacking Barrels to climb on, see § Gallery.

Its original version can only be obtained through the quest Escort Duty.



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