Fortress of Remembrance is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


The Fortress of Remembrance is a location on Bitterblack Isle. It is entered through the Corridor of Emptiness, has access to The Black Abbey, The Pilgrim's Gauntlet, and leads to Tower of Treasons Repaid (which provides access to the Forsaken Cathedral).

The locked gate to the Tower of Treasons Repaid can be opened with a Void Key found in The Pilgrim's Gauntlet.

There is a broken Riftstone on the First Level Underground which may be restored for 15,000 RC.


Death will make an appearance on the bridge near the Corridor of Emptiness during the Arisen's first visit, and may randomly re-appear on subsequent visits near the Tower of Treasons Repaid.

Also, a Maneater will lurk in a random chest.


Pre-Daimon the area will contain a Banshee and four Undead on the first floor bridge to Corridor of Emptiness; two Skeleton Brutes on the first floor after climbing a ladder on the way to The Pilgrim's Gauntlet; four Succubi near The Pilgrim's Gauntlet; an Eliminator in the tower with the Riftstone; and four Wargs near The Black Abbey. Giant Rats can also be found. Additionally, an Elder Ogre may randomly appear, either on the bridge to the Corridor of Emptiness or on the Fourth Level Underground next to chest #16.


Post-Daimon, the enemies appear in two formations:


Map Fortress of Remembrance.png

Two Macabre Sculptures and a tablet containing "Recollections of another Arisen" tablet are found in the Fortress.

General items found in the area include Sconces, Coin Pouches, Harspud Sauce, Panacea, Skulls, Brick, Purifying Brew, and Empty Flasks, as well as a Bitterblack Gear Lv.1 which may be found in a gather spot on the first bridge. Breakable objects may yield Angel's Periapt, Foreign Knife, Harspud Juice, Harspud Sauce, Mage's Periapt, Salubrious Brew, or Throwblast.

Things growing here include Cragshadow Morel and Pyrepipe; minable deposits include Diamond and Unremarkable Ore (Upper level), and Hunk of Platinum (Lower level).

On the upper level of the square tower, accessible only through a Succubi ride there is a Macabre Sculpture as well as a Bitterblack Gear Lv.2. Lower down the tower, on an outer balcony on the third level underground are two Coin Purse of Charity, and a Giant Coin Pouch can be obtained on the outside of the tower, accessed by exiting the tower on the 3rd level through the east window.

The second Macabre Sculpture is found at the lowest level (4th level under), on rocks underneath the entrance to the Black Abbey.


Refer to map for all chest locations.
Chest Contents Maneater chance
1 Throwblast, Jewel of Health, Rift Cluster

Pre-Daimon: Wakestone Shard, Rift Bicrystal

Post-Daimon : Dragonbeards, Dragonscale Arm, Liftstone, Red Dragon Scale, Perfect Rift Crystal

2 Peppermint Seed, Monk's Periapt, Conqueror's Periapt

Pre-Daimon: Rift Cluster, Rift Bicrystal, Bitterblack Gear Lv.1

3 Rift Bicrystal, Throwblast, Fulgurous Lord Tome, Wakestone Shard

Pre-Daimon: Jewel of Health, Rift Cluster

4 Blast Arrows x10, Interventive, Placative Brew, Secret Softener
5 Jewel of Time, Jewel of Antilight, Angel's Periapt, Winter's Path Tome, Wakestone Shard, Bitterblack Weapon Lv.1
6 Burnished Bracers, Matte Robe, Rift Bicrystal

Post-Daimon : Rift Polycrystal, Auspicious Incense

7 Throwblast, Jewel of Health, Wakestone Shard, Rift Cluster, Rift Bicrystal, Fulgurous Lord Tome
8 Conqueror's Periapt, Rift Cluster, Rift Bicrystal

Pre-Daimon: Peppermint Seed

Post-Daimon : Monk's Periapt

9 Giant Coin Pouch, Panacea, Lordly Tonic
10 Bitterblack Armor Lv.1, Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2, Ring of Sable, Ring of Onyx, Mage's Talisman, Exotic High Boots
11 Rift Polycrystal, Bitterblack Armor Lv.1, Rancid Bait Meat, Month-Dried Harspud

Post-Daimon : Bitterblack Gear Lv.2

12 Angel's Periapt, Jewel of Antilight, Jewel of Time, Winter's Path Tome, Wakestone Shard

Pre-Daimon : Bitterblack Weapon Lv.1

13 Dragonbeards, Jewel of Health, Fulgurous Lord Tome, Throwblast, Rift Bicrystal, Rift Cluster

Pre-Daimon : Vigor Extract, Liftstone, Dragonscale Arm, Red Dragon Scale

14 Bitterblack Gear Lv.2, Rift Polycrystal (common), Rift Bicrystal, Bitterblack Armor Lv.2 (rare), Vivifying Incense (uncommon), Golden Talisman
15 Frozen Holy Water, Giant Coin Pouch, Golden Talisman
16 Angel's Periapt, Jewel of Antilight, Jewel of Time, Winter's Path Tome, Wakestone Shard, Bitterblack Weapon Lv.1
17 Blast Arrows x10, Placative Brew, Interventive, Secret Softener

Pawn Chatter

"The dark grows more oppressive beyond"

"Stay vigilant---places unremarkable at glance may hold more."

"The halls are narrow, and their twists and turns confounding. Let us be cautious."


  • The voice of a Dead Arisen can be heard in a location here.
  • Death can be killed here easily using a stagger exploit - for details see Death.
  • The roof of the tower can be reached. It requires two harpy rides from the bridge, as a single flight will not gain enough height. A third harpy can be used to fly to the roof the very chamber for a long view down. There is nothing of note on the roof.
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