Foreign Medicament is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Medicine mixed by the methods of a distant land. Apply it to recover a great deal of Health."

Restores 2000 Health

May be found in chests in various Gransys locations, including The Greatwall.

Sold by Madeleine if gifted with a Gold Idol in the quest Supplier's Demand. Also sold by Mathias, Delec and Joye.

May be found in chests in the Ward of Regret, Garden of Ignominy and The Pilgrim's Gauntlet.


Product of

Item Item Product
Greenwarish + Immortelle = Foreign Medicament
Lava Flower + Argentine Sac = Foreign Medicament
Corpse Nettle + Blood Decanter = Foreign Medicament
Corpse Nettle + Hydra's Lifeblood = Foreign Medicament


  • Foreign Medicament offers an excellent Health-Recovered-to-Weight ratio for a single target curative, at 3333HP per weight unit. For comparisons see List of Health and Stamina Curatives.
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