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Flavian is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A public speaker who is often found in Gran Soren's Fountain Square. Rumors about the Arisen and the duke are his topics of choice."

One of the city's public speakers, oft found near to Fountain Square on the path to the Noble Quarter. He supplies the general citizenry with updates on the pressing matters of the day, including those relating to the Arisen's adventurers.




"'Ear ye, 'ear ye! The duke's brave Enlistment Corps 'as dispatched the foul hydra what terrorized the southlands! Marvel at the wisdow of 'is Grace, Duke Edmun Dragonsbane, without 'ose counsel the hydra would n'er have been slain! Ear the tinglin' tale of the brave Ser Mercedes, she who struck the mortal blow against the vicious creature!"
"'Ear ye, 'ear ye, His Grace, Duke Edmun has 'imself recognized the great feats of the Arisen! Does the Arisen's might know no bounds? Do we witness the rise o' this land's next great 'ero? And what of the pending contest between Arisen and dragon? We wait an' we listen for further word!"
"'Ear ye, 'ear ye, attend to all, the Arisen has appeared what to take up arms against the fearsome dragon! Given leave to travel the land by Duke Edmun 'imself, the Arisen takes up sword and shield to defend the honor of all!  Can this arisen slay the dragon as our Lord Grace did? We wait an' we listen for further word."
"'Ear ye, 'ear ye, Capital in Crisis! Tales of open rebellion come from the Greatwall! Can Gran Soren hope to prevail against swarms of evil from the west? What word from Duke Edmun? What word from the Arisen? We wait and we listen for further word."
"'Ere ye, 'ere ye! Attend and listen! The dragon has awakened and taken flight! Secure your families! Shutter your 'omes! Make clear the way for women and children! The Arisen and castle forces stand ready! All others who may wield arms, secure your steel!"

In conversation[]

  • "Word'a your deeds grows with each day. You're like to be the best-known face in these parts erelong."
  • "People pay heed once I starts cryin' 'bout dragons and the like."
  • "Ain't nothing like a little bit of fear to tell a story, eh?"
  • "Between you and me I expect little from Duke Edmun and the few swords he has what remain. Our fate rests on your steel now Arisen."

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