Flask of Water is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A flask filled with water. Throw it at an adversary to douse them."

When held, it can be thrown at enemies, causing Thrown Damage, and may inflict the Drenched debilitation upon impact. May be thrown at Pyre Saurians and Hellhounds to put their flames out.

Obtained by filling an Empty Flask from a Water pot, and very common throughout the world at gather spots, in breakables or just lying around. Such flasks are also sold my most vendors.

Related Quests

  • Escort Duty: Symone will request a Flask of Water when she becomes thirsty after walking around town.


Component to

Item Item Product
Flask of Water + Berry = Eyedropper
Flask of Water + Crimson Concoction = Eyedropper
Flask of Water + Lunanise = Light-Cure
Flask of Water + Moldy Apple = White Wine
Flask of Water + Moldy Grandgrapes = Red Wine
Flask of Water + Absorbent Rag = Clean Cloth
Flask of Water + Shroud = Hemp

Product of

Item Item Product
Empty Flask + Ceramic Jug = Flask of Water


  • Little effect on Drakes when thrown, and will not extinguish their fire breath.


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