Flammica is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A powder that easily catches flame."

Sold by Reynard and Madeleine, and may be obtained from sacks and other gather spots throughout Gransys.

It is dropped by Pyre Saurians.


2 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Flammica + Mushroom = Spicy Mushroom Tea
Flammica + Rock = Dragon's Spit
Flammica + Pretty Stone = Dragon's Spit x2
Flammica + Unremarkable Ore = Dragon's Spit x3
Flammica + Burst-Rock = Dragon's Spit x3
Flammica + Brick = Dragon's Spit x2
Flammica + Cassardite = Dragon's Spit x3
Flammica + Ember Crystal = Cleric's Incense
Flammica + Beech Branch = Blast Arrow x5
Flammica + Lava Rock = Throwblast x3
Flammica + Hunk of Platinum = Coin Purse of Charity
Flammica + Diamond = Coin Purse of Charity
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