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Flameservant's Throne is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Deep at the bottom of The Everfall in Gran Soren lies the Flameservant's Throne. Its purpose or origin is unknown.

At the center of the area is a heavy metal grate of unknown purpose inscribed with strange markings. It could be a covering; the chains surrounding this dish suggest that it is locked in place on the floor. But a cover sealing-- what?

The same dish like metal plate is found displaced from its original position to near the entrance from the Pawn Guild in a much altered Everfall


  • During the quest Lure of the Abyss the pawn Barnaby asks the Arisen to investigate a new presence in the Everfall - it appears that the light emitted from the cracks in the base of the Throne is new.
  • Much later, the pawn Quince is found at the site of the displace Throne, and the final act of the quest Fathom Deep takes place here.



  • The significance of the throne to the key events that take place nearby it is not entirely clear.
  • The four spikes arising from the metal dish show basic resemblances to the four spires produced by the Bitterblack Isle creature known as the Gazer when it begins charging its 'Evil Cannon' attack. Since both the Gazer and the Tentacles are related to Evil Eyes this similarity may be significant.
  • During Post-Game the pawn peddler Akim will be found nearby.