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Flame Riposte is a fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Firecounter that persists for a longer period of time and conjures more tongues of fire upon a perfect block."

An advanced version of Firecounter.

In Dark Arisen, it becomes Inferno Feint with a suitable Magick Shieldsman's Ring or Magick Shieldsman's Band equipped.

Usage, Damage, Tactics[]

See also: Mystic Knight Shield Counters
Firecounter Flame Riposte Inferno Feint
Duration 1 min 2 min 3 min
Fireballs 1 3 5

After a relatively brief incantation, the magick shield is enchanted with the Fire element. While the enchantment is active, regular blocks deal a moderate amount of Fire damage in a small area in front of the knight. A Perfect Block will conjure fireballs at the attacking enemy.

  • The fire based riposte spells are excellent counter-attack skills due to the abundance of enemies weak to Fire (especially in the early game). The Ingle fireballs from a Perfect Block travel a fair distance, allowing the Mystic Knight to slay enemies firing ranged attacks (such as arrows and spit attacks).
  • Damage from the first and second tier spells is identical to that from Ingle and High Ingle, except that the magick power is supplemented by the shield, not a staff
  • The Prescience Augment make perfect blocking easier.
  • To cast the higher tier spells the incantation must be held for the casting to fully complete otherwise only the lower tier spell will be made.
  • (Glitch) In Dark Arisen transitioning between areas with this skill active will randomly add a debilitation. The next enemy hit will be debilitated on the first hit. For details see the notes in Mystic Knight Shield Counters.