Fivefold Flurry is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Threefold Arrow that fires five arrows in rapid succession."

An advanced version of Threefold Arrow.

Usage and tactics

  • Both skills fire a bundle of arrows in a tight pattern - if the bow user's strength is high enough then the multiple arrows can have high damage per second output.
  • The power of each individual arrow is less than that from Loose/Quick-Loose, or skills such as Mighty Bend - if an attack fails to cause much damage then the foe's Defense is probably too high, and a more powerful bow attack should be used.
  • The clustering of the arrows is tighter when stationary, and spreads out when fired when moving (and is indicated by the semicircular targeting reticule) - this property can be exploited to either hit single targets, or multiple nearby foes depending on the situation.
    • The Ranger augment Precision prevents arrow spread when moving with these skills.


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