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Fisherman's House is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

There a several locations named Fisherman's House in Cassardis, each is the dwelling of a local family.


Merin's house[]

Located north of and across the path from the Arisen's house - this is a two-story dwelling. Merin lives here with Mayra and Lewes.

Heraldo's house[]

Heraldo's house is next door to, and connected to Heraldo's Grocery - the house is accessed by double doors off the village's main street.

Valmiro's house[]

Valmiro's house is northwest of and adjacent to Merin's. Alejo also stays there.

Iola's house[]

Iola lives in a small house to the rear of her shop (which is called Iola's House).

Barten's house[]

Barten's house is adjacent to the roofless hiuse damaged during the Dragon attack. It's accessed from the main street, opposite Elvars

Elonzo's house[]

Elonzo's house is to the rear of Barten's, part if the same building. It is accessed by a rear door facing the sea. The single large room is home for Fredro and Elonzo.

Elvar's house[]

A single story dwelling. The last house on the right on the main path upwards towards the Village Chapel, before the broken gate.

Elvar lives here with his wife Alethea and their child Alita.

(Elvar's house is not marked at all on the in-game map)

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