Fiend-luring Incense is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A distinctive incense that draws out the rarest and most vicious foes on Bitterblack Isle. Bring into the Rotunda of Dread or the Black Abbey if you dare."

Upon entering the Rotunda of Dread or The Black Abbey with a Fiend-luring Incense in the party's inventory, new combinations of enemies will be encountered.


  • pcPc x256, ps4Ps4 x256px, xoneXone x256px In the Arisen's storage from the start.
  • ps3Ps3 x256px, xbox360360 x256px Added to the Arisen's storage after downloading the free DLC pack The Crucible of the Lost from Olra's online store.
  • Further Incenses may be purchased from The Black Cat in Gran Soren. A single Fiend-luring Incense will last indefinitely.

New Spawns

Rotunda of Dread

The Black Abbey


  • After defeating all of the Crucible spawns, the arenas will no longer spawn any additional monsters until the Arisen removes the Fiend-luring Incense from their inventory and rests.
  • The spawns in these arenas work differently when the Arisen carries the Fiend-luring Incense in their inventory. Normally the Arisen may re-enter these arenas infinite times for continuous battles - however when carrying this item the spawn cycle occurs three times and only once every four days. After the three battles, the room will be empty. To reset, sleep for 4 days in Gransys (not the Resting Benches within Bitterblack Isle).
  • Carrying the Fiend-Luring Incense in inventory also seems to increase the odds of random encounters with Death, Garm, and Elder Ogres in the appropriate Bitterblack Isle dungeon areas.(verify)


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