Ferris is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"Thank You, Ser, Truly!"

Ferris a traveller, who, as part of their journeys, has the unlucky tendency to being captured by Goblins and placed in a cage. Rescuing her forms part of the quest Leave No Prisoners.

In the brief period between rescuing her, and her setting off alone again, no doubt to be captured yet again, Ferris can be given gifts, and her affinity raised. As such she is a potential Beloved.



  • If Ferris is rescued from the Dragon she moves to Your House is Cassardis - after a brief speech in which she explains she is hard as nails anyway she then continues her erratic lifestyle, with activities including walking to the Village Chapel in the middle of the night when it is locked, or walking halfway to the pier for no apparent reason, then walking back.
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