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Ferocity is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Increases the lethality of your Core Skills."

Ferocity increases the power of all Core Skills by 10%. Both physically-based and magically-based core Skill attacks are boosted.

Ferocity stacks multiplicatively with other damage increasing Augments.


  • In Dark Arisen the total strength and or magick increase from augment is capped at 1.8x (+80%). If this limit has already been reached or approached with other augments the power boost from ferocity will be lost or diminished.
  • Light and heavy attack damage is increased whilst both on solid ground and whilst climbing and jumping.
  • Though damage from Magick Shields Perfect Blocked with Reflect is increased, the magic counter spells triggered by perfect blocking with reflect are not more powerful.
  • Attack power is boosted (not just damage), but the base power of the attack does not get a boost, just that from character and weapon strength and magick. (See Damage Calculation)