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Feast of Deception is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"The coronation is the perfect opportunity to expose Disa's schemes and unseat the false Sovran once and for all. You preparations make, you set out to attend the grand event."

Quest Objectives[]

DDCHECKBOX Procured suitable raiment.
DDCHECKBOX Dress formally and speak with Captain Brant.
DDCHECKBOX Await Captain Brant's plan of action.
DDCHECKBOX Consult with Captain Brant.
DDCHECKBOX Captain Brant advised you to make for Battahl.


[1] Speak with Brant at the The Stardrop Inn he will mention that the Arisen must be dressed in suitable raiment.

[2] Obtain and equip the Courtly Tunic and the Courtly Breeches. Return to Captain Brant and speak with him. Choose the option 'Tell me of the coronation." Be sure that its night time or early in the morning. He will also ask that the Arisen is certain any unfinished business it fulfilled prior to departing.

[3] After choosing to continue, Brant, the Arisen, and Pawn will attempt to enter the castle, but the pawn will turn uneasy and weak, conflicted by the power of the godsway. The group will retreat and return to the tavern.

[4] Wait for Brant to determine a alternative plan of action. Simply rest for awhile or sit on a bench to pass time.

[5] After passing time, speak with Brant. He will suggest that the Arisen travel to Battahli and will provide a Border Entry Permit, or Beastren Entry Permit

Please verify what factor determines the type of permit given by Brant(verify)

After further discussion the quest will be completed and activate the quest Nation of the Lambent Flame.

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