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Fears of a Pawn is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Ever since coming into contact with an anomaly in the Everfall this pawn has felt shaken to the very core. Arisen...Please, if only but once, let we humble pawns see your true strength. Calm our wavering faith."

Fears of a Pawn is the name of two quests which request the destruction of dangerous foes. Each is posted on the notice board in the Pawn Guild.

Completion earns a total reward of 760,000 Gold and around 3,000 Experience Points.




Fears of a Pawn (quest walkthrough)-0

Starting from the Abbey (located to the west of Gran Soren), slay the 2 Ogres marked on the first location on the map (north of the Abbey). Then proceed northeast to the second location marked on the map and slay the 2 Ogres near the campsite. Return to Gran Soren, sleep for 5 days, then return to the Abbey to slay the same (re-spawned) 4 Ogres again to complete the quest.