Fearful Din is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Flying Din that produces an even louder blare on impact that stuns nearby foes."

An advanced version of Flying Din.

A single arrow producing a loud blast. A direct hit can inflict significant additional damage. Smaller or lighter enemies are thrown high into the air, and may suffer fall damage as a result. The power of the explosive is similar to a Blast Arrow, but the din arrows never inflict burning.

Additionally, potential targets within the sonic shockwave will be thrown back, and knocked down, or interrupted, if small or light enough to be affected.


  • Effective against enemies susceptible to fall damage, such as Skeleton Lords.
  • The blast wave is effective against apple trees and grandgrapes bushes, but does not break objects such as crates, boxes, or barrels of any kind.
  • Will also dislodge large rocks and boulders.
  • Limited effectiveness against large and giant monsters.
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