Fearful Din is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Flying Din that produces an even louder blare on impact that stuns nearby foes."

An advanced version of Flying Din.

A single arrow producing a loud blast. A direct hit can inflict significant additional damage. Smaller and medium sized enemies may be thrown high into the air, and may suffer Fall Damage as a result.

The knock up or stagger power of the explosive is similar to a Blast Arrow, but the damage is lesser.


  • Effective against enemies susceptible to Fall Damage, such as Skeleton Lords.
  • The blast wave is effective against apple trees and grandgrapes bushes, but does not break objects such as crates, boxes, or barrels of any kind.
  • Will also dislodge large rocks and boulders.
  • Limited effectiveness against large and giant monsters.
  • When used with the permanently enchanted longbow Dragon's Glaze, the shockwave of Flying Din will damage all enemies within its radius.
    • Fearful Din loses this damaging effect.
    • The damage is thought to be magickal in nature, probably Neutral Magick, scaling with weapon strength, but has the oddity that against non-melee resistant foes damage increases with Strength Boosted, not Magick Boosted - against melee resistant foes like Phantoms the situation is as expected.
    • The sonic blast cannot cause Debilitations.
    • The damaging shockwave is incapable of killing foes, and will leave them with at least one health.

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