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Fathom Deep is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

"If you would heed my call, prove now your worth. Show that you've the strength to break the yoke that binds you." The Seneschal


"The dark void of the Everfall seems without end. And yet you feel compelled to press on to some final destination."

Within the shattered Everfall, the pawn of an Arisen of a former age seeks the Arisen's help. Collect the twenty Wakestones for Quince and leap into the unknown.


Warning! - Once the wakestones are submitted to Quince, a large portal will open further down the shaft, and so the rest of the Everfall will no longer be accessible

After the defeat of The Dragon and the destruction wrought on Gran Soren, return to the Everfall. Speak to Quince near the displaced altar of the Flameservant's Throne, close to the entrance from the Pawn Guild.

Quince asks the Arisen to complete her master's quest of collecting twenty Wakestones.

Any means to obtain them are allowed - they can be bought, collected from assembled Wakestone Shards around Gransys and Bitterblack Isle, obtained by defeating the Ur-Dragon, or from vanquished monsters of the post-Dragon Everfall. However Wakestones and Shards are rather rare in the normal world of Gransys, so descent into the Everfall will likely be necessary.

Once enough Wakestones have been collected and the Arisen is ready to progress, give the Wakestones to Quince. A new rift will form - creating a passage from this world to an ethereal plane, in which the end game quests Final Judgment and The Great Hereafter take place.

Collecting Wakestones[]

Pawn Chatter[]

"We're drawing closer... I can feel it."

"Just how many of these Wakestone Shards do we require?"

"We've quite a few, but let's continue searching."


  • Quince is the same pawn that aided Savan in the prologue quest The End at the Beginning.
  • As hired pawns are automatically released when the Arisen jumps into the portal after finishing Fathom Deep and if it is desired to rate them, send a message or give gifts, then this should be done before entering the portal.
  • Caution! Don't enter the portal if not ready to end the current game or not want to begin a New Game Plus yet. Upon entering the portal, a Checkpoint save is made, and the game cannot be restarted at an earlier point.


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