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Explosive Rivet is a fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Explosive Bolt that remains lodged in its target for a longer period of time and causes more damage when struck with a blow."

An advanced version of Explosive Bolt, which fires a packet of three fire enchanted magickal arrows that explode when hit with a physical blow.

In Dark Arisen, upgrades to Explosive Volley with a suitable Magick Bowman's Band equipped.

Notes, Tactics, and Usage[]


Per Skill
1 3 5
Max. Groups
8 4 2
Duration 1 minute
  • An arrow has a strong lateral knockback effect on targets, with weighty creatures like Ox knocked back a couple of meters as if on skates.
  • With Explosive Bolt, at least eight single bolts can be active at one time; with Explosive Rivet a maximum of four Explosive Rivet arrow groups can be active at any one time.
    • With Bolt attempting to conjure more will likely fail, because the earliest bolts will probably have dissipated due to their natural timespan expiring.
  • Inflicts Fire based magickal damage on impact that scales with the Arisen's Magick attack. The damage per arrow for Explosive Rivet is the same as Explosive Bolt.
  • Each arrow or arrow packet will remain active for one minute.
  • Can inflict the Burning status on the enemy.


Any arrow struck with a physical melee blow will explode.

  • Pure magick attacks like Magick Bolt or the orb of Grand Scension will not detonate the Rivets.
  • Arrows from pawns do not set the explosion off.
  • Explosions of other bolts doesn't explode nearby bolts.
  • Collisions will also trigger the explosion, including swings of Hanging Bodies.
  • The explosion will not harm the Arisen and pawns, nor will the resulting explosion provoke a flinching reaction by the party.

When exploded the arrow causes fire based magickal damage, with an explosive effect like a Blast Arrow that can cause Knockdown - often knocking foes into the air.

  • The power per exploded bolt is more powerful at its core than the power of the initial strike, and scales well with total magick.
  • Can inflict the Burning status on the enemy.
  • Despite being named Explosive, it does not deal Environmental Damage, and so does not knock ores out of Ore deposit.

The damage per bolt is the same for both Explosive Rivet and Explosive Bolt. There is a high base magick power, and the damage scales well with the archer's total magick.


  • Especially effective against enemies highly vulnerable to Fire, such as Cursed Dragons and Dire Wyrms.
  • Explosive Rivet(s) in combination with Vortex Trail to gather the foes, and a physical attack to trigger the explosion is very effective against mobs.
  • Instant Reset can be used to decrease the overall time spent firing these magick arrows.
  • Explosive Volley may be worse choice than Explosive Rivet when preparing a trap as lower max amount of arrows can be active simultaneously (10 vs. 12).


  • Arrows that hit breakables will disappear without explosion.
  • If shot at any ghost (from Phantoms to Wraiths) a single arrow will become attached to the ghost. This arrow remains attached and visible even when the ghost becomes fully incorporeal and dissapears.
    • If an ally is hit whilst an arrow infected ghost possesses it the arrow will usually not be exploded, and will still be attached when the ghost re-materializes.
    • Only one arrow per 'volley' will stick, but multiple arrows can stuck to a single ghost.
    • If the rivets are struck when the ghost has become intangible it will not have been damaged when it rematerializes.
  • Every arrow creates a source of light on impact.