Evil Underfoot is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A plague of phantasms haunt the lands to the west. Dispel them afore they can work any evil on the good folk of Gransys."

Defeat 7 Phantasms in West Gransys


This quest becomes available on The Encampment notice board immediately after Harbinger of Destruction.

Multiple Phantasms can be found in the Barta Crags region at night, hovering around the swamp below the Greatwall Encampment at Night, in the Miasmic Haunt, and in Soulflayer Canyon.

Defeat seven of these ghosts for a reward of 1,000 Gold, 750 Exp. (base reward), and an Aneled Grace.

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Evil Underfoot (quest walkthrough)

Evil Underfoot (quest walkthrough)

This quest can be completed in a single location over 2 consecutive nights. Travel to Barta Crags (near the Greatwall) and slay the Phantasms hovering over the poisonous lake. Sleep at the rest camp at the Greatwall Encampment and once again slay the Phantasms which have re-spawned overnight. Repeat this process as many times as needed to complete the quest.