Evil Eye is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma

"The Dragon defeated by the Arisen in the past, used its remaining magic, injected into its eye, therefore created this magical creature"
―Dragon's Dogma Official Design Works, p.160


Evil Eyes are only found in The Everfall (Post-Dragon) and in the Rotunda of Dread (Bitterblack Isle). They are large and powerful spellcasters, formed from a fossilised dragon's eye. In addition to elemental spells Evil Eyes are also able to shift between dimensions, and summon Tentacles.

Evil Eyes resemble large floating eyeballs with protective "eyelids" that have teeth instead of eyelashes and are covered entirely in sentient tentacles that aid in both defense and offense.

They are oft found in association with Vile Eyes.

Base Experience of 20,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


The Everfall

Bitterblack Isle


Eye Tentacles :


Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
66,666 1,400 350 1,400 650 1,500
100% 75% 30% 30% 30% 150% 10%
Tarred DrenchedWater Poison Blindness Silence Sleep Torpor Petrification Curse
D immune D immune D immune D immune D immune D immune D immune D immune D immune
StrengthLowered DefenseLowered MagickLowered MagickDefenseLowered Fire Frozen LIGHTNING BASED HOLY BASED DARK BASED
D unknown D unknown D unknown D unknown D unknown D immune D immune D easy D immune
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.


Attack Type Description
Barrier Spec Protects itself from all damage while not attacking with a blue barrier.
Crippling Beam Status Floats up, then shines a large beam of light from its eye down at the ground, which can cause combinations of either Blindness, Torpor, Burning, Curse, Tarred, Silence, Poison, and Lowered Magick Defense; or Skill Stifling; or most commonly Petrification to any that stand within the light. It will also remove any invigorations, including weapon enchantments and Impervious.
Grab and Bite Phys

The main Eye lunges towards a character, grabs with its 'eyelids', then proceeds to chew on them for heavy damage and eventually throw them to the ground.

If one moves away from it while it tries to bite them, it might get stuck in the floor, allowing one to wail upon it until it recovers.

Its shield will be down if it is chewing on someone, allowing others to free them by damaging the Eye.

Dimensional Phase-Shift Spec

After taking heavy damage or after the battle has been going on for some time, the Eye retreats to another dimension and summons tentacles that attack with weak spells and weak melee attacks. Kill the tentacles until the Eye returns.

It can also use this to cover ground quickly, teleporting to one's position to execute melee attacks or teleporting away from a character.

Mouth Drop Phys One of the two upper tentacles will grab a character and drop them into the 'mouth' of the Eye, which then performs its biting attack, dealing massive damage. This is common when climbing the eye, but can also happen to those on the ground facing it in near range.
Eye Sigils Mag/Status The Eye will cast a spell that conjures up several red eye-like balls from the ground, which then explode inflicting dark damage.
Evil Pulse Mag/Status The Eye pauses as it prepares a spell, signified by its eye glowing bright crimson. After a short incantation time, the spell will be released with a shockwave that can knockover. It will also remove any invigorations, including weapon enchantments and Impervious, and will skill stifle even at long range.

The Eye casts this in response to spellcasters casting holy enchantments on their allies, or when casting Archsorceries against the Eye.

Regenerate Spec After it has lost all its Tentacles on the main body, it will eventually teleport away and adopt a regenerating stance. While it is regenerating, its barrier is down, so try to stun it before all the Tentacles regrow.
Spin Attack Phys Spins itself around to knock anyone near it away. Knocks characters off of it as well.
Charge Phys Snaps with its lids few times then charges forward while maintaining its barrier.
Summon Tentacles Spec

Constantly teleports the Tentacles on its main body out of the ground, to attack the party, as long as it is alive. Does not lower its Barrier to do this.

Cut the Tentacles off when they are coming out of the ground and it will remove one off the main body.

Attack Type Description
Tentacle Magick Mag Tentacles cast basic spells, such as Ingle, icicle spears and Levin. Each one casts quickly and can also stagger or knockdown characters. When attached to the body the tentacles cast in unison, targeting a single opponent with a single spell type.
Tentacle Attack Phys Tentacles will lash out at nearby targets, knocking them backwards.
Tentacle Grab Phys One of the tentacles on the Eye grabs a character and throws them away, which can inflict Fall Damage if one gets thrown high enough. Often occurs when attacking with melee and when behind the Eye. Tentacles that spawn out of the ground can do this too.
Tentacle Spit Debil Tentacles attached to the body may spit at the party, causing drenched, and sometimes Lowered Magick Defense. Detached tentacles may occasionally spit too.

Evil Eye Tentacles

Evil Eye

Evil Eye with several tentacles removed.

The Evil Eye can constantly transport Tentacles from its main body to the ground to attack the Arisen and their party. As long as the Evil Eye is alive it will continue to summon an infinite amount of Tentacles.

Areas that are filled with Tentacles though no Evil Eye is present should be exited immediately. Unless the main body is destroyed, Evil Eye Tentacles will continue to appear without end.



  • Generally immune debilitations, except Burning and holy healing.
  • Strong against Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Dark magick spells and enchanted weapons.
  • Weak against Holy enchanted weapons and spells and physical attacks.
  • The magical barrier is completely impenetrable, but it must lower the barrier in order to attack or spellcast. Wait until the Evil Eye begins to spellcast before attacking it.
    • The spell Exequy in an exception to this rule, and will target both the eye and its tentacles under all conditions.
  • An excellent time for attack is when it starts to charge Evil Pulse. Attack from behind to avoid getting hit should it complete the casting.
  • The Evil Eye summons Tentacles that rise up from the floor and can grab, attack or cast spells. The Evil Eye will then temporarily disappear from the battlefield, leaving the Arisen to fight the summoned Tentacles. Destroy them until the Evil Eye reappears.
  • Removing enough tentacles may cause a knockdown state with the barrier lowered. When all tentacles are removed the eye will enter a regeneration phase without the same vulnerability, but still lacking the magick shield.
  • The eye is the weakpoint.


Evil eye, eye sigil spell

Run away from the Eye's 'eye sigil' spell

  • Most of the attacks and spells can be blocked (and Perfect Blocked) - the eye grab and chew, and tentacle grabs cannot be blocked.
  • Evil Eyes can inflict numerous debilitations including Silence, Burning, Torpor, Blind, Curse, Skill Stifling, Lowered Magick Defense, and Petrification.
    • The debilitation spells are strong - a Rose Ring will not prevent burning, wearing two will.
    • The Eye will consistently respond to powerful magick by casting a skill stifling spell directly onto the caster ("Evil Pulse") - this is what pawns refer to when they say "It responds to powerful Archmagick with a sealing spell".
  • Ensure that the party has resistance to debilitations, especially Blind and Petrification, or carry specific curatives.
  • When it floats upward into the air and a bright light flashes it is about to cast Petrification. If the Eye begins to close, then it is casting Blindness.
  • In the Rotunda of Dread, the Evil Eye can be lured into falling over the cliff edge near the staircase. Although this tactic forfeits any reward drops (experience points are still awarded), it is useful to employ if the Arisen is desperate.
  • There are only two tentacles (the upper two, long tentacles) which will grab a character and perform the 'Mouth Drop' attack. Therefore, if one can avoid those two tentacles, or if they are cut off, the Evil Eye can be climbed on freely.
  • The "eye-sigil" attacks appear to be triggered in response to the removal of tentacles - the damage caused is entirely dark magic and can be mitagated by dark resistance, or, as the range of effect of each sigil is small - simply running away.

Class Specific

  • All spellcasting classes - casting a holy weapon enchantment, or spell causing invigoration on allies (such as spellscreen) will cause the Eye to begin casting its 'sealing spell' ("Evil Pulse"), which opens it up to attack - cast enchants to lower the eye's guard.
  • Sorcerers : The archistaff Evil Eyesight is very powerful against Evil eyes.
  • Striders : Fracture Dart is incredibly efffective against this enemy. With a proper timing once knocked down Evil Eye will be knocked down repeatedly without a slight chance to fight back.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For more information, refer to the Bestiary page.

Enemy specific:

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 15 Evil Eyes either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

Pawn Chatter

"What manner of foul creature..."
" 'Tis but one creature... Yet formidable one." (no Bestiary knowledge)
"It responds to powerful Archmagick with a sealing spell."
"We'll not break its barrier while the eye is open!"
"Its barrier falls while it eats!"
"The beast can negate our magick!"
"Attack when it closes its mouth!"




  • In Dark Arisen, an ancient or deformed Evil Eye called a Gazer guards the path forward in the Shrine of Futile Truths.
  • (Glitch) In the Rotunda of Dread an Eye that has phase shifted may disappear - however it can still be attacked if located - pawns will have no problems detecting it - after a second phase shift it will generally re-appear. This is a graphical glitch, not an invisibility ability of the Eye.


  • According to the Dragon's Dogma Design Works (p.160) all the parts of the evil eye are adaptions of the former Dragon's eye - the "teeth" were eyelashes, and the tentacles the eye's optic nerves. The pupil of the eye of the eye is actually a fissure that connects to the rift.
  • The Evil Eye bears a strong resemblance to the Beholders of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.
  • During its regeneration phase it looks remarkably similar to the regenerative second phase of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes final boss: Emperor Ing, complete with holes where tentacles pop out and a spherical shape. These bosses also both feature one large Eye that can shoot beams.
  • It possesses 66,666 HP, possibly a reference to the "number of the beast" in the Christian Bible.
  • Due to the multi-headed nature of an Evil Eye, Maker's Fingers nearly always fail at killing or damaging the core of the beast.
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