Eradication Site is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The site of a battlefield in southern Gransys, located in the Vestad Hills close to the Verda Woodlands boundary and west of The Ruins of Aernst Castle.

The remains of a battle are seen here, including Ox carcasses and torn pennants. By night, there is a chance that a Captive cage holding a human hostage appears on a raised stone platform, along with a pack of Goblins.

From Stage 3, a Griffin spawns at this location at morning. In Post-Game, is replaced by a Cockatrice.


By day, nothing of significance.

By night, if a captive cage appeared as part of a Leave No Prisoners quest, two chests and two weapon/armor piles will be found along with it. These vanish once the quest is over - whether by completing or failing, or by leaving the area.

Eradication Site Loot (night)

Chests and piles locations


Pawn Chatter

"This place must have seen a ferocious battle."
"Castle walls? Or ruins of such?"
"The poor beast... Goblin handiwork, like as not."
"Such open areas are two-edged swords. Every monster for leagues can see us."


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