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Template:Episode Pride is the seventh episode of the Dragon's Dogma anime.

Netflix Synopsis[]

Ethan makes his way to the Tainted Mountain to face the dragon and reclaim his stolen heart, or die trying.


At The Tainted Mountain, Ethan and Hannah finally reach The Tainted Mountain Temple, which is the Dragon's lair.

Inside the temple, Ethan and Hannah fight against the Dragon. During the battle, the Dragon asks Ethan how much "darkness" he witnessed in his travels. The Dragon explains seven different kinds of darknesses, as flashbacks of several people Ethan encountered are shown. Although Ethan understands what the Dragon is conveying, he argues that humans are redeemable and don't deserve his arbitrary judgment.

The fight between Ethan and the Dragon continues, and thanks to the help of Hannah's ice spell, Ethan manages to stab the Dragon in the neck with his sword. Chastising Ethan for not learning anything from his travels, the Dragon asks what he desires, and if he seeks revenge fueled by his hatred then why not kill him. Ethan then has Hannah use her magic to make the roof of the temple collapse onto the Dragon. This, however, has little to no effect on the Dragon and it flies into the sky while Ethan rides atop its back. The Dragon gives Ethan philosophical opinions on the nature of humans and their own. Ethan, however, refuses to accept any of it and once again stabs the Dragon in its throat causing the Dragon to crash land in its temple.

Wounded and unarmed, Hannah throws her short sword to Ethan as the Dragon whips its tail at him. Using the weapon, Ethan stabs the Dragon in its chest, tears out its heart, and starts to rapidly devour it. Languidly the Dragon notes that since Ethan succumbed to his Wrath, now Pride is his transgression, which links the two forever. Astounded by this, Ethan is then told by the Dragon that he too was a human and then an "Arisen". It was his rage-fueled thirst for revenge that transformed into the dragon before him. Because of the circumstances of an Arisen, Ethan shall become the next Dragon and Hannah cannot help him. Again, the Dragon recounts what he once told him when he first encountered him back in Cassardis about the Darkness.

Due to the nature of a Dragon, Ethan will also hunt and kill humans. Seeking to fulfill the wish of his own demise, the Dragon found one could he thought could help achieve it for him and turned him into an Arisen - that person was Ethan. Speaking his final words, the Dragon dies, disintegrating into ashes. After this, Ethan begins to transform into a Dragon and begs Hannah to kill him, before he fully transforms. However, Hannah is unable to do so, causing Ethan to fully transform. Right before he leaves, he gives Hannah one final request; to protect the foolish humans from him. He flies off into the sky. Outside the temple, Hannah finds Olivia and Ethan's bracelets and vows to be the humans' protector.

On the roadside by a village, Hannah helps up a little girl who tripped and fell. She then waves goodbye to the girl as she reunites with her friends.


  • Ethan
  • Hannah
  • Dragon
  • Elizabeth
  • Theo
  • Yang
  • Balthazar