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Template:Episode Lust is the sixth episode of the Dragon's Dogma anime.

Netflix Synopsis[]

Hannah convinces Ethan to rest at an inn before marching on to the dragon's lair. In his room, a vision of his wife brings back Ethan's past.


In a town close to the The Tainted Mountain, Hannah suggests they rest at the inn for the night. However, Ethan wants to reach the mountain. Hannah admonishes the notion as it'd be best for him to fight the Dragon in peak condition. To that point, Ethan suggests they find an inn that's far from the crowds.

While Ethan settles in the inn, Hannah fetches some dinner for them and has a conversation with the inn keeper. She learns from him about how strong young men have all become mysteriously emaciated and died. Meanwhile, in his room, Ethan is met by Olivia.

A flashback showing Ethan's past sometime after his parents died in Cassardis is shown. We see him head into the mountains to hunt, as a young boy tells two kids about how Ethan lost his parents. Olivia interrupts the young boy, and later meets up with Ethan by the mountain. She tries to have a heart to heart with a stand-offish Ethan. Ultimately, Olivia confesses her love for Ethan and this brings the two closer together.

Back in the present, a nude Olivia stands in front of Ethan and tries to coax him into having sex with her. Initially, Ethan falls for the trap, but once he realizes that the woman is not Olivia, he starts to strangle her. Hannah then enters the room, dropping their dinner in the process, and then tries to help Ethan, but he refuses her help as he finishes the creature off. The inn keeper then arrives in the room alerted by the noise and is left aghast by the creature on the bed, which turned out to be a Succubus.

Renewed in his resolve to slay the Dragon, Ethan leaves the inn with Hannah in tow. Meanwhile, the Dragon in its lair awaits Ethan's arrival.


  • Ethan
  • Hannah
  • Olivia