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Template:Episode Envy is the third episode of the Dragon's Dogma anime.

Netflix Synopsis[]

Ethan and Hannah aid a traveling party being ambushed by goblins. The group makes camp together, but a predatory griffin swoops in from above.


Deciding on what route they'll take, Ethan is entranced by the beauty of the surrounding area. He details that he's lived in Cassardis all of his life and only tried to leave once, but refuses to tell the rest of the tale.

Ethan and Hannah journey forth down the path into dusk, and suddenly hear a cry for help. Immediately Ethan rushes to the scene against the advice of Hannah. A woman named Elizabeth and her companions are ambushed by a large number of Goblins. Just as the Goblins try to rape Elizabeth, and her beloved Theo is far too scared to stop them, Ethan and Hannah arrive to help kill the creatures. Once the Goblins are slain, the swordsman and spearman thank Ethan and Hannah for their help. Elizabeth embraces Ethan from behind, much to Theo's chagrin. As Elizabeth has Theo find and help her with retrieving the horse, the spearman named Simon warns Ethan and Hannah how Elizabeth "spins a complicated web".

Setting camp underneath a tree, Ethan and Hannah learn from Simon and the swordsman that they were once stationed at Aernst Castle. However, the place has since fallen to ruin because of a Dragon, and Elizabeth and the others are what's left. Simon and the other man are Royal Guards sworn to protect and lead Elizabeth to the capital. Learning about how Ethan's village Cassardis was also lost to the Dragon, the guards offer him to join them, but Ethan declines. He details his goal to pursue the Dragon and then learns that it headed North toward the mountains. It's proposed that Ethan follows the group until they reach the mountain path, which Hannah finds most logical. Ethan agrees to it, settling the matter.

Afterward, while everyone is asleep, Ethan gazes off into the view of the land and is approached by Elizabeth, who has a bottle of wine and a couple of cups. They then enjoy the wine and briefly talk about Ethan's goal to slay the Dragon, which changes to her husband Theo and opinions on him. Even though Theo comes from an affluent background, all of his connections and investments were lost from the Dragon attack. It is obvious that Elizabeth is trying to seduce him, but Ethan says her guards are a better choice for her, which she is contrary to. Theo then intervenes and Elizabeth leaves Ethan, but is stopped by her husband who promises to be a man worthy of her. Elizabeth claims she won't hold her breath on that statement.

Just then a Griffin swoops down from the sky and kills and devours their horse. Unsatisfied with only the horse, the Griffin turns its attention to the group. Ethan, Hannah, Simon, and Balthazar deal with the Griffin as Theo goes to protect Elizabeth, only for the two to be ambushed by more Goblins. Mustering his courage, Theo tries to protect Elizabeth from the Goblins. Meanwhile, Ethan manages to get atop the Griffin and in doing so jams his sword into its back. This causes the beast to divebomb toward the ground, shaking off Ethan in the process as it escapes into the mountains.

Theo manages to fend off a swarm of Goblins, and although Elizabeth is elated by this, Theo impales her with his sword. Theo claims that by doing so, she'll always be his, but with her final words Elizabeth says he's a fool as she was always his. Balthazar then chastises Theo for his act and thus Theo kills himself.

The following day, Elizabeth and Theo are buried in the earth, while Ethan and Hannah go their separate ways from the two Royal Guards.


  • Ethan
  • Hannah
  • Elizabeth
  • Theo
  • Simon
  • Balthazar