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Template:Episode Gluttony is the second episode of the Dragon's Dogma anime.

Netflix Synopsis[]

Cassardis lies in ruin. When a magical Pawn revives Ethan, he vows revenge, embarking on a quest to slay the dragon that destroyed his world.


In a spiritual world, the pawn uses a stone to teleport herself close to Cassardis, which is partly engulfed in flames. She finds the unconscious body of Ethan and heals the wound where his heart once was.

Finding only Olivia's bracelet in a pile of rubble, Ethan recalls when the Dragon attacked his village and killed both Louis and Olivia. Distraught and livid by their losses and by the Dragon who caused it all, Ethan swears revenge. The Pawn then discloses to Ethan the meaning behind the "Arisen" and her role as a "Pawn". It's then the Dragon telepathically calls out to Ethan and notes that if he wishes to have his heart returned to him, he must come to his lair. To that, Ethan vows to kill the Dragon, and the Pawn pledges fealty toward him.

At the Fortress of the Capital Soldiers, Ethan equips himself with a sword and armor. The two then head off into the mountains and manage to hunt a rabbit. That night by the campfire, Ethan enjoys the bounty of the hunt as Pawns don't need food for nourishment. Ethan then gives the Pawn the name Hannah, as it belonged to his mother and would have been his child's name had it been a girl. The Pawn accepts the name.

Sounds of a creature can be heard, and the two check to see where it's coming from. They then witness a young girl being sacrificed to a Cyclops. Without a second thought, Ethan rescues the young girl from the monster. Afterward, the girl enjoys the cooked meat as Ethan tries to ask her about how she ended up as she did and if she lives in a village nearby.

As dawn starts to break, the trio heads to the girl's home, and they are greeted by her parents and younger siblings. Although the mother is thankful that her daughter is safe, the father is upset about the trouble Ethan has caused them. Inside their house, the father reveals that his daughter, Salai, was a ritual sacrifice to appease a monster that terrorizes their village. At that moment, three men arrive at the house and threaten the father for his actions against the mayor. In compensation, the father allows the men to take what they please from him. Thus the men take his food supply from him and go on their way. With the children now hungry, Ethan offers what food he has on him and the wife prepares it. The father then talks about the village's food shortage due to the barren soil and the appearance of the Cyclops. Apparently, every 6 months a sacrifice is needed to appease the monster. Therefore, the family that the sacrifice belonged to are exempt from paying taxes and given enough food to survive the winter. Once the food is ready, they all enjoy it as Ethan remembers enjoying breakfast with Louis in the past and sailing with his father.

Eventually, Ethan and Hannah meet with the mayor, and the three men who they encountered before indulge in a lavish feast. When Ethan inquires about where the Mayor got the food, he answers that the people from the village gave it to him out of respect. Upset by the audacious and rapacious nature of the mayor and his cohorts, Ethan and Hannah leave, but not before Ethan vows to deal with the Cyclops, which makes the Mayor and his cohorts heartily laugh.

That night, Ethan confronts the Cyclops, and in doing so learns that the Cyclops was really a tool of the mayor. From what the Mayor claimed, he used the Cyclops to usurp the belongings of the villagers to satiate his gluttonous desires. The Mayor tells Ethan that if he works under him he won't sacrifice him to the Cyclops. However, Ethan candidly refuses and then faces off against not only the Cyclops, but the Mayor's cohorts. Hannah informs Ethan the weak point to the Cyclops is its eye, and the two work together to slay the beast. Betrayed by one of his cohorts, the Mayor is then pushed off a cliff.

By morning, Ethan and Hannah see from the outskirts of the village that the Mayor's castle is up in flames, leaving Ethan distraught. It's revealed that the Mayor is lynched by the citizens, and they ransack and indulge in the food that's there. Later that night, Ethan and Hannah quietly sit by a campfire together, while elsewhere, a lady riding on a horse accompanied by companions are unknowingly pursued by Goblins.


  • Ethan
  • Hannah
  • Dragon
  • Olivia
  • Louis
  • Salai