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Enhanced Response is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Flight Response that uses blocked enemy strikes to launch the user higher into the air and out of harm's way."

An advanced version of Flight Response that parrys with the shield into a higher jump.


  • When the skill is used and connects the attacker will be briefly staggered and the Arisen launched into the air.
    • The jump may lead into aerial attacks or allow grabbing onto large climbable creatures.
  • As with normal blocking, when an attack is blocked it drains stamina, and the amount drained is proportional to the strength of the attack.
    • The skill increases Blocking ability ("Shield stability") allowing blocking of heavy attacks even with a poor shield.
    • Using the skill without connecting with an attack drains some (150) Stamina.
    • It is possible to perform the equivalent of a Perfect Block with these skills - with the correct timing the Arisen will flash white briefly, and no stamina will be used by the skill. However there doesn't seem to be any additionally damage or other benefit. (The timing and window appears to be erratic/small/difficult)
    • If the skill is used to block too early it can drain stamina twice - once from skill activation, and again from the shield blocking an attacks - such early parries still can trigger the jump.
  • The skill doesn't cause any damage, and doesn't debilitate with Rusted Shields.
  • Whilst in the air the Arisen is immune to stagger and knockdown, but can take damage.