Eminence is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Renders your jumping attacks more powerful."

When jumping, the Arisen's Strength, both primary and secondary, are boosted by +30%. Magick is unaffected.

In Dragon's Dogma this skill also applies the same boost to skill based attacks that involve a jump, such as Skull Splitter, Sunflare, Sky Rapture - In Dark Arisen the Skull Splitter type skills no longer give a boost in strength, but if a jump (Vault) is performed first, the strength boost is given.

The strength boost will increase the attack power of all physical attacks, including daggers, sword, mace, hammer, bow and longbow.


Brain Splitter with Eminence equipped vs Griffin (demonstration)

Brain Splitter with Eminence equipped vs Griffin (demonstration)

2 Brain Splitters to the head were needed to slay this Griffin. Goldforged Framae Blades with a Brain Splitter ring, a strength ring and the Eminence, Clout and Vehemence augments were equipped here.

  • This Augment triggers once the Arisen performs a jump or is lifted in the air via skills that leave further actions open, such as Leaping Stone or Launchboard.
    • The strength boost registers in the 'status' page in the pause menu - base strength is not boosted.
    • The effect ends once landed.
    • Also triggers when mounted on a creature by the counter of Masterful Kill.
  • Works with all physical based attacks including the Mage heavy attack Magick Billow.
  • This is a very good Augment for Warriors because they have excellent jumping core attacks and rely quite a bit on them due to their limited number of skills.
  • The Magick Archer skill Sunflare activates this Augment, but usually receives no or little boost as the spell is cast on landing. For more details see Sunflare.
  • In Dark Arisen, if the strength boosts from augments has already exceeded the cap of +80% the effect of Eminence will be wasted.
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