Ema is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"Wife of Sentena, she often ventures beyond the borders of Cassardis in search of curative herbs."

Married to Sentena, both residents of Cassardis. Oddly she doesn't go home—if she even has one—after her chores, but leaves Cassardis by the gate after 6pm, returning via the gate the next day at some time around noon, when her chores begin: she can be seen tending the town's oxen (in the barn), fetching water to and from the town's well in the back alley (by the alehouse).

She was one of several people injured during the Dragon Attack, and was treated by Benita in her makeshift hospital.



  • "Frettin's for the idle, says I."
  • "My thanks, good fisher. You are a dear." (After being given a gift.)