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Elonzo is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"An apprentice shipwright from Cassardis. He's a bit of an indecisive one."

He lives in a small Fisherman's House facing the sea, which he shares with Fredro.

Usually found during the day with Barten repairing the roofless damaged house; he carries a Trowel and Work Table.



  • "We Lost Cortese and Rickard."
  • " Our brothers deserve vengeance, but what hopes is there of that? None for me at least. One look at the Beast and my Legs fell out from under me.."
  • "Hearing talk of all that ails the land, I want to help, somehow... But how?"
  • "What!? You met the duke? In person!? What an honor!"
  • "D'you think there's hope a fellow like me could fare as well as you if I set out now?"