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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Edmun Dragonsbane is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma. Also known as The Wyrmking.

Respected ruler of all Gransys. In his youth, he was dubbed a hero when he repelled the dragon. For that, he was also given the name Dragonsbane."


Duke Edmun Dragonsbane is the ruler of Gransys. Born into soldiery, in his youth he became an Arisen and set out together with a party of pawns to conquer The Dragon that had been terrorising the land.

Soon the threat from the Dragon was dispelled and Edmun returned to Gran Soren a hero, credited with its dispatch. Not long after, he was crowned Duke on the wave of approval arising from his deeds.

He then ruled Gransys for many years, seemingly aging little. Though he had many wives, he had no heir, and no family of his was known to be alive.

It was eventually revealed that Edmun had not actually slain a dragon, but in truth had accepted its bargain and sacrificed his beloved in exchange for power sufficient to sate any desire. With his own heart in the Dragon's safekeeping, he was granted almost perpetual life.

Much later, another Arisen from the little village of Cassardis set out and did defeat the Dragon.

Once the Dragon was defeated, Edmun's immortality was ended and he aged rapidly within seconds, gaining the many years he had lost, becoming a wrinkled and weakened old man.

Edmun wears a Set of Duke's Clothing, and carries a Crossed Cinquedea, though during Come to Court the Arisen is knighted with a Bastard Sword.


As the ageless Duke, Edmun is a formidable fighter. He has access to the Dragon's Maw attack and will use it. It is possible to slay Edmun either with a Maker's Finger or via Poisoning, though he is immune to a Maker's Finger if seated in his throne. He can be put to sleep, and blinded, but is immune to petrification. He is practically impervious to attacks, and can also arrest the Arisen.

On death a he drops a single Inclination Elixir of any kind excluding Nexus's Elixir or Neutralizing Elixirs.

As the aged Duke, he is much weaker, slowed and vulnerable to many debilitations (Blind, Tarred, Torpor, Poison, Lowered Strength), though even while blinded, the Duke can somehow still locate and strike the Arisen.



Originally just another soldier, one day Edmun awoke as an Arisen. Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps fate, but just days later, a dragon attacked Gransys. Fulfilling his role as an Arisen, Edmun enlisted a number of pawns and set out to face the dragon. The epic battle that followed would be celebrated in song for generations to come, for unlike so many before him, Edmun triumphed over the wyrm. Slaying an evil dragon—in all of recorded history, there was only one other who had achieved this miraculous feat: the great unifier, Godking Leonart. Yet now, Edmun too had defeated a dragon. With everyone singing his praises, plus the support of the noble Gildas who had long been his ally, Edmun was propelled into the heart of government on an overwhelming wave of support.

A number of years passed. When the former duke fell ill and passed away childless, Edmun was selected as his successor. None contested his appointment to the position of duke for he was one of only two men to ever successfully complete a Wyrm Hunt. To refute him was to refute Leonart, the very father of their nation.

Having been appointed duke, Edmun took the name “Wyrmking” for himself. This title, a reminder of his victory over the dragon, was happily accepted by the people. Under the rule of Wyrmking Edmun, Gransys has seen a long period of peace and Edmun, with seemingly inexhaustible youth, remains hale and healthy to this day.
Edmun's Tale.[1]

Edmun's pawn is missing, and the whereabouts of his family are unknown. Though Fedel claims to be the Duke's nephew, according to Domenique, Fedel's wife, Fedel was previously a serving man in the employ of an uncle of the Duke.

According to Nettie, the Duke has had a "procession of wives", but yet lacks a living heir. His latest spouse is the young Aelinore, a princess from Meloire.


"Heed this well, Arisen: To challenge the dragon is to challenge Edmun Dragonsbane. It will not stand."

During Come to Court

"All through my reign, I foresaw the coming of this danger. And so I gathered men into armies, stones into strongholds. I readied for war. And then you, Arisen... You came to us, and the dragon with you. Pray, think on the meaning of that, and on your duty."
"Carry on in your endeavors for the duchy, Arisen. As long as you've the will to fight, I shall see you are granted the opportunity."
"If it is work you want, seek Aldous."

After Deny Salvation

"You've come a great ways from gutting fish in some shoreline hovel. I trust you will serve your duke well, Arisen. Free access to the castle is quite an honor. Honor enough for the most ambitious commoner, I should think. Were you quit the Wyrm Hunt now, who would dare gainsay your valor? Heed this well, Arisen. To challenge the dragons is to challenge Edmun Dragonsbane. It will not stand."

When arresting the Arisen

"Presumptuous fool!"

Pawn Chatter

After receiving the Wyrm Hunt License

"Duke Edmun Dragonsbane is a hero. He slew the wyrm a generation past."
"Under his guidance, Gransys has known peace and prosperity."
"Even now, the people worship him as their savior."
"'Tis said he was named duke afore his cavalcade reached Gran Soren's gates."
"The pawns that fought alongside him must be about somewhere..."
"But where, this pawn cannot say."
"It seems no one knows just how he managed to defeat the beast."
"Bards the land over sing of his exploits...albeit in the broadest terms."


  • If the Arisen chooses the ending Solitude, the final cutscene shows them in the same position as the Duke.
  • Before he is aged, Edmun can personally arrest the Arisen if they commit a crime in the Demense.
  • If fought to around half of his health, the Duke may arrest the Arisen himself. If any of the treasury items were stolen, they will be confiscated on arrest.
  • The Treasury guard Ser Elthar is immune to the Arisen's attacks, but if caught by those of the Duke, he can be slain. The Duke's melee also hurts other castle residents, such as Ser Mercedes.
  • Edmun cannot be become the Arisen's Beloved, though he will accept gifts and react accordingly.
  • Edmun can be slain with the Maker's Finger, as long as he is not sitting on his throne.
  • The duke appear's immune to the staggering effects of High Fulmination when all others are incapacitated and unable to attack within the effect of its dome.
  • ERROR!!! There's a contradiction in the sources on the timing of Edmun becoming Duke. The official biography of the duke says : "A number of years passed. When the former duke fell ill and passed away childless, Edmun was selected as his successor" ; whilst pawns state : "He slew the wyrm a generation past [...] 'Tis said he was named duke afore his cavalcade reached Gran Soren's gates.".


King Cassiodorus , Dragonslayer

King Casiodorus surrounded by advisors in "Dragonslayer".

  • Duke Edmun's false claim to have killed the Dragon may have been inspired by the final scene of the film Dragonslayer (Paramount/Disney, 1981). In the film, King Casiodorus takes credit for killing the Dragon, when in truth, it was killed by that world's last wizard, who sacrificed himself for this purpose (see Wikipedia: Dragonslayer (1981 film)).


Dragons gift

The Duke's hair tie and the Dragonforged's bangle

  • Both the Duke and The Dragonforged wear unique ornaments of a design of an elongated twisting Dragon. Perhaps this is a 'gift' from The Dragon to those that take its bargain.
  • Edmun's pawn is never seen, nor does there seem to be any record of it. Furthermore, pawns are forbidden to enter the Demesne, which some interpret as suspicious, though most people of Gransys will also never be admitted to the Duke's close quarters.
    • It is theorized that the Duke has forbidden pawns from entering the castle to avoid being reminded of the sacrifice he made against a Dragon he believed he could not defeat. Alternatively, it may be that pawns will find out about his betrayal, or that he fears his lies and fraud being exposed.
    • The ending Solitude, obtained if the Arisen accepts the Dragon's bargain, shows them enthroned in the Duke's Demense but totally alone, even their pawn is gone. It seems likely that the Arisen loses all power to summon pawns if they take the Dragon's bargain or perhaps the newly crowned Arisen wouldn't allow their pawn to enter the Demesne either, worrying people would discover their secret.
    • Tenuous speculation connects Ceremonial Cage in The Everfall as the pawn's resting place, or Salomet as the Duke's former pawn gone rogue.
  • It has been speculated that Lenore was the name of Edmun's beloved, based on his words during the quest Arousing Suspicion - however Lenore could also be a shortened form of the name Elanor or Aelinor; moreover the similarity may not be entirely concidence.

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