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Echoes from the Beyond is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"I call upon you, wanderer of the abyss. I call upon you, lost and witless human. You will gather the epitaphs left by those who came before you -- signposts on the road you would travel."

Examine all of the "Recollections of another Arisen" within Bitterblack Isle so they may be inscribed at the Monument of Remembrance.

This quest is immediately available upon the first visit to The Warriors' Respite notice board, along with Hope Springs Infernal and An Unseen Rival I.


The locations of the "Recollections of another Arisen" are scattered throughout Bitterblack Isle. There are a total of ten tablets to be found.

Consult the chart below to determine the locations.

# Location/Area Description Image
1 Corridor of Emptiness Against the wall near the broken Riftstone. Recollections of another Arisen 1
2 Fortress of Remembrance In the center of pillars where Succubi can be found, the top floor of the same tower where the Eliminator is encountered. Recollections of another Arisen 3
3 The Pilgrim's Gauntlet On the first floor, in the northern area with the rocks that can be climbed upwards to a chest. Recollections of another Arisen 2
4 Tower of Treasons Repaid On the first floor, pass through the damaged wall and it can be found at the edge of the blood pool below the ledge. Recollections of another Arisen 5
5 Tower of Treasons Repaid In the pile of bones on the second floor, through the archway and across the wooden bridge (in an area with spiders and three chests). Recollections of another Arisen 4
6 Forsaken Cathedral Third floor On the second ledge in the area before the Elder Ogre can be found. Check on Forsaken Cathedral Map. EchosTablet-ForsakenCatherdal-3rdFlr
7 Forsaken Cathedral On the high ledge above the portcullis doorway in the area where the Dark Bishop is encountered. Check on Forsaken Cathedral Map. Echoes-FC-DarkBishopArea
8 Corridor of the Hallowed At the end of the small pier near to where Barroch may be standing. Echoes-CorridorOfTheHallowed
9 The Forgotten Hall In the west section of the first floor, next to a chest. Echoes from beyond 9
10 Sparyard of Scant Mercy In the area with the Living Armor near the door.

Once the last one has been found, the quest should complete.

Recollections of another Arisen 10


  • Even though 17 pages are recorded on the Monument of Remembrance, only the 10 pages titled "The recollections of another Arisen" are a part of this quest. The other 7 accounts are unlocked after other conditions are met.