Drenched is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma when the target is soaked in water.


Drenching causes doubles the damage from Lightning and Ice based attacks, and halfs damage from fire based attacks. It also prevents tarring and burning. Drenched also makes the target more likely to be Frozen from Ice-based attacks.

Flasks of Water, Ceramic Jugs, and Water pots can inflict drenching when thrown. Some creature attacks, such as Saurian Sage spit and Wraiths passing through a character can Drench. The Chimera's snake can grab and hold a character in position for the goat to lick, drenching them in the process.

Drenched lasts about 90 seconds and can be cured with Clean Cloth, Panacea and any spell or item granting Impervious. It can also be removed by becoming Tarred, Frozen or coming in contact with Fire.

Targets that are soaked are signified by a glossy gray tone color around the body that can be easily mistaken for Tarring. It causes no hindrance in movement or actions.

Being Drenched in water will extinguish an equipped Lantern, which may subsequently be unequipped and re-equipped to re-light them. Removing Drenched status with the use of a curative will also re-light an equipped Lantern.

The Bitterblack Isle item Ring of Desiccation will cause the wearer to immediately become dry after leaving water, but does not prevent drenching whilst still in contact with a water body.


  • Drench then follow up with lightning or ice based spells or weapons.
    • If the Arisen is fighting near a river, lead the target to the water and follow up with attacks after the effect is applied.


For equipment, see List of Equipment with Drenched Resistance.
For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.

Drench resistance is a hidden stat - resistance is often hinted at in the item's description - for more details see the notes at List of Equipment with Drenched Resistance

Pawn Chatter

"Soaked to the bone!"


  • Being Drenched can protect against burning from a single contact with fire , but will not work against prolonged exposure - such as from a dragon's breath.
  • Continued exposure to a source of drenching, such as standing deep in water will prevent freezing taking hold.
  • A single attack or contact with either lightning, ice, or fire element will remove the drenched status.
  • The water of Healing Springs does not inflict the Drenched debilitation.
  • Saurians cannot be drenched, as most of them live near water. Many actually sleep under water.
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