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Dragon's Tears is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


Dragon's Tears are magickal items collected from slain Drakes, Wyrms, and Wyverns. Dire Drakes, Dire Wyrms, and Dire Wyverns all can also give tears. Non-elemental dragons never produce tears.

Collecting one of each tear (Drake's Tear, Wyrm's Tear, Wyvern's Tear) increases the chance to obtain Wakestones in the Post-Dragon Everfall - the maximum benefits are obtained by possessing one of each kind.


  • The effect is generally only noticed in the Everfall.
    • Tests suggest that only Wakestone and not Wakestone shard drops are doubled in rate, and not from 'boss' creatures, only lesser foes.(verify)
    • It may also give increased Rift Crystal drops in Bitterblack Isle.(verify)
  • Even without the tears, creatures in the Everfall drop additional items, e.g. Direwolves may give a Potent Greenwarish.
  • Tears can be obtained from most dragons, but appear to be more common from Post-Game dragons in Gransys
  • They can also drop rarely on destruction of an elemental dragon's wing or horn.