Dragon's Spit is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A combustible designed to envelop the area around the point of impact in flames."

When held, can be thrown at enemies causing Thrown Damage with a high likelihood to inflict burning. It can also be used to quickly mine ore at an Ore Deposit.


Dragon's Spit consists of an initial burst of flame that damage's anything it directly hits, followed by a modest fireball that can damage anything in a ~1m radius.

The initial blast is weaker, and if it connects with a tarred foe will have its damage doubled. The fire damage from the fireball is roughly twice as much again as the blast.



2 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Sconce + Unremarkable Ore = Dragon's Spit
Sconce + Cassardite = Dragon's Spit
Sconce + Burst-Rock = Dragon's Spit
Sconce + Rock = Dragon's Spit
Sconce + Pretty Stone = Dragon's Spit
Sconce + Brick = Dragon's Spit
Flammica + Pretty Stone = Dragon's Spit x2
Flammica + Brick = Dragon's Spit x2
Flammica + Unremarkable Ore = Dragon's Spit x3
Flammica + Cassardite = Dragon's Spit x3
Flammica + Rock = Dragon's Spit
Flammica + Burst-Rock = Dragon's Spit x3


  • Not to be confused with Throwblast. Dragon's Spit strikes several times with a small fire explosion, whilst throwblast one strikes once, but with greater power.
  • Sometimes thrown by Hobgoblins.


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