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Dragon's Maw is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Legion's Bite that unleashes a swift, powerful onslaught that extends across an even broader range. Requires much Stamina."

An advanced version of Legion's Bite.


  • I-frames- the Fighter is invulnerable to any form of attack during the entire attack animation (long enough to avoid getting knocked over by a Living Armor or burned by a Dragon's breath, for example).
    • Can be used to interrupt some animations (in a similar manner to the dagger skill Instant Reset ) such as losing balance when Gorecyclops stomp the ground, falling to the ground after being bitten by a Succubus or being staggered back by the roar of a Chimera.
    • Foes that would normally be killed outright early on during the attack will not die until the final hit connects - this can allow Dragons to escape death if they move out of range during the attack, and so avoid the final hit on the heart.
    • Doesn't work to avoid the effects of the death spell Exequy.
  • Very high knockdown power. For example, usually enough to knock Poisoned Undead or an Eliminator off a cliff.
  • A Dragon's Maw Fighter with the group stamina curative Mushroom Potage in its inventory will tend to generate stamina regeneration reliably for the entire party.
  • Dragon's Maw hits nearly three times as many as Legion's Bite, but actually has much poorer damage scaling from Strength except with the final hit, and even the finisher is slightly less powerful than the lower tier version. (For more details see Skill multiplier data)



Dragon's Maw renders the user invulnerable during the skill's animation, allowing the user to pass unharmed through enemy attacks (such as Hellhound fireballs).