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Dragon's Gaze is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A fossilized dragon's eye with the power to locate Wakestone Shards and note their location on your map. Its power fades after one use."

Sold by Fournival after his trial. Can also be obtained by purifying a Bitterblack Novelty Lv.1.

Dragon's Gaze shows the location of Wakestone Shards within Gransys. If the party is carrying any shards, their location will be shown too, centered on the Arisen.


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


  • On use the display switches to the map screen, and waypoints may be set if desired.
  • Doesn't show shards on Bitterblack Isle.
  • Once used a notification will show stating "It appears the Dragon's Gaze has lost it's power".
  • Can or could be traded in the original Dragon's Dogma.