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Dragon's Dogma Online (ドラゴンズドグマ オンライン ) is a free to play multiplayer game set in the Dragon's Dogma world.

Servers for the game shut down in December 2019.[1]


Dragon's Dogma Online was developed as an online version of Dragon's Dogma; development about the same time that of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. The game is to be financed by a free-to-play business model with microtransactions.[2] The game was announced in the 27 January 2015 issue of Famitsu magazine.[3]

The first closed beta test (CBT1) for the game took place from 7–15 July 2015.

Multiplayer elements of the game include Clans which can be user-created, 8-player 'Grand Missions', and a Bazaar where items can be bought and sold between players. Capcom's servers allow cross-platform multiplayer between PS4, PC and PS3 versions.

Pawns remain part of the game, though multiple Arisen can take part in quests. Each Arisen can also create several pawns.


The game is to be set in the land of Lestania, taking place in an open world setting initially roughly the same size as Dragon's Dogma. The game's plot and background is not connected to the story in the original Dragon's Dogma.[2]


As with Dragon's Dogma the Arisen can pick one of several vocations.

The initial 8 classes are shown in the official 『Dragon's Dogma Online』 3rd Trailer.

Here vocations are classified as either Attacker, Healer, or Tank :

Vocation Class Weapon(s) Notes
Fighter Attacker Sword and Shield Fighter equivalent
Sorceror Attacker Archistaff A magick user specialising in offensive spells
Warrior Attacker Longsword A melee vocation similar to the original Dragon's Dogma vocation
Shield Sage Tank Large Shield and Wand A vocation that focuses on defence and some party support
Elemental Archer Healer & Attacker Magick Bow A vocation that uses a Magick Bow and is capable of healing party members from a distance via the 'Healing Bolt' skill
Priest Healer Staff Healer and support vocation capable of identifying an enemy's elemental weaknesses
Hunter Attacker Bow Pure bow vocation
Seeker Attacker Daggers A dual dagger-wielding vocation that is capable of aerial-based attacks by using a rope and grappling hook
Alchemist Tank & Attacker Magick Gauntlet
Spirit Lancer Healer & Attacker Spirit Lance
High Scepter Attacker Magick Scimitar


Dragon's Dogma Online includes many of the monsters from the original Dragon's Dogma. In addition, several new enemy types are found in Lestania.

Strong enemies

  • Grand Ent, a giant tree-like creature
  • Sphinx, a winged lion with the face of a woman and claws of a giant bird
  • Troll, primitive human-like giant that throws explosive barrels at its enemies
  • Colossus, giant cousin of the Cyclops, with a single eye and single large horn.
  • Dread Ape, giant ape-like creature
  • Geo Golem, a golem of molten rock who erupts in flame when enraged
  • Lindwurm, giant dragon-like reptile dwelling near the sea, with powerful innate electrical abilities
  • Mogok, the leader of the Orc horde
  • Zuhl, a giant winged beast with ape-like features; also known as the "Herald of Chaos and Destruction" - one of the most powerful and evil enemies
  • Witch, a powerful spellcaster
  • New dragonkin types including Alchemized Dragon, Behemoth and Elder Dragon

Group enemies

  • Orcs
  • Undead
  • Killer Bees
  • Sludgemen, shambling semi-humanoids
  • Blue Newts, Saurian-like giant amphibians
  • new Goblin and Skeleton types, including Alchemized


Main article: Lestania.

Lestania is the continent in which Dragon's Dogma Online takes place - whilst different from the duchys common to the world of Dragon's Dogma it shares many similarities, including similar creatures, a similar writing system (see Gransys Alphabet), and pawns.


  • The 'Dragon's Dogma Online Limited Edition Package' was offered with the initial release of the game, and included unique 'Nemesis' armour sets and weapons, as well as early access codes, a bonus artbook and a soundtrack CD.


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