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Dragon's Dogma The Beginning (cover)


Dragon's Dogma : The Beginning [ドラゴンズドグマ ザ ビギニング] is a Japanese language novel by 水野 良 [Ryo Mizuno] - it serves as an epilogue to the prologue quest The End at the Beginning


Chapter 1[]

The Arisen Savan, his pawn Salde, and his two summoned pawns Morganna and Quince are introduced. The setting is briefly introduced with a battle with Snow Harpies. Savan is a knight of Godking Leonart, who is said to have defeated a Dragon fifty years before.

Chapter 2[]

The encampment of the Wyrm Hunt around the Tainted Mountain is described. Lords from other countries have come to fight the dragon as well, and are briefly mentioned, including Bauer, Margrave of Roland and others. Savan's acceptance to the Wyrm Hunt is described, a process which broadly mirrors that of the Arisen in the main quest of Dragon's Dogma - through trials and tests he obtains permission to face the Dragon.

Savan meets with Leonart, but the King denies him the opportunity to face the dragon, claiming he does not want to risk him - he mentions Savan's dead father who was one of his knights, as well as his closest friend. Savan's father had died ten years prior in a Dragon attack - on that occasion Leonart was once again credited with driving the Dragon away.

Leonart advises Savan that defeating the dragon will not allow him to regain his heart - Salde does not respect the king, claiming that he has already betrayed Savan, and suggests the two of them to set out alone to face the Dragon.

The Princess Elise is also introduced, described as with golden hair and blue eye, the daughter of King Leonart. Savan's and Elise's affection for each other is made clear.

Chapter 3[]

A feast is held at the encampment. Savan and Elise are together as if betrothed. Elise confides in Savan that she thinks that by sacrificing herself to the Dragon there can be peace.

Savan is introduced to Lord Bauer, who thanks him for slaying a Griffin. Bauer tells the story of the previous Wyrm Hunt, fifty years ago, which resulted in most of the combatants being slain in the process of clearing a path to the Dragon's domain, leaving only Leonart to face the Dragon. Together they speak of tactics against the Dragon, and of the cult that worships the Dragon who believe it was sent by The Maker. One of the priests of the cult had tried to dissuade Savan from the quest - the priest was also an Arisen. Bauer, like Savan, is keen to fight the Dragon.

Chapter 4[]

Three days later the Wyrm Hunt army sets out, led by Leonart. However, Savan had been ordered to stay behind, guarding the encampment; Salde sets out with the army at Savan's request, so that he can report on what happens.

Battle commences with the Dragon at Leonart's order. The dragon is briefly repulsed by archers and mages, and returns to the mountaintop. Bauer leads a charge to the mountain's peak. At the crater at the mountain top goblins swarm from the ruined fortress, snow harpies join the battle too. Then the dragon attacks. The army is panicked, many horribly burned - an attempt to retreat turn into a rout, with some trampled. Godking Leonart watches as the army is destroyed but refuses to order a retreat.

The Dragon lands close to the king, facing him. Leonart offers Elise to the Dragon, then turns away. The dragon departs, only few others are left alive.

Chapter 5[]

Salde returns to Savan and reports what he saw. Together they set off for the Dragon's lair. At the encampment they give what aid they can to the injured remnants of the army. Margrave Bauer is there, mortally wounded. Savan says he will go to face the Dragon, and the wounded knight offers him his prayers.

They meet with Leonart, whose words seem callous under the circumstances, he suggest Savan return with him to his Demense, suggesting that they seize the lands of the lords who have lost their armies in the battle with the Dragon. Leonart speaks of his pain and loss, though is not specific. Savan states that he will now face the dragon, and Leonart admits he cannot longer call himself Arisen, and has lost all hope.

Together Savan and Salde set out.


The story continues many years later, in the rift...


  • It's not known if this novel should be considered canon to the world and lore of Dragon's Dogma .
  • The front cover illustration was by 末弥 純 [Jun Suemi].
  • The work was given as a limited run for early copies of the game
  • In Chapter 3 Bauer notes the destruction of Liore - pedantically there could be a contradiction here since Liore is said to have been created as a Duchy only 250 years before the present Arisen, whilst the novel with Savan takes place far longer ago.

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