Dragon's Dogma Wiki

Dragon's Dogma: Compendium of Wisdom is a free application offered for iOS, and for Android.


Gameplay consists of a database structure. Within the database the application provides a character bios as well as an information toward items. In addition to its database, the player receives daily in-app items, in which they can gift to the citizens of Gransys. The player then earns wallpaper rewards based on how much they befriend the citizens.

The application includes:

  • Citizen Registry
    • A comprehensive directory of almost 300 citizens of Gransys. The citizens can be searched by gender, age, location, and even their likes. You may find people that are rarely seen around the realm, and even learn a few secrets about the citizens that are already known.
  • Field Guide
    • A catalogue of items and materials scattered throughout the land of Gransys. Just like the Citizen Registry, you can narrow your search by location and effect. Find out what plants and meats are safe to eat and what region to find them in all at a glance.
  • Wallpaper rewards by increasing affinity with citizens
    • Every day you'll receive one item which you can give as a gift to up to three citizens. The more gifts you give, the higher affinity you'll build with the citizens you give them to. Earning the affection of many will unlock wallpapers.


If you have a prior version of Compendium of Wisdom and update to version 1.00.01 affinity level save data will reset with the update.