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Domenique is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"Fedel's wife. She gives off an air of death and despair."

Domenique is a prominent member of Edmun Dragonsbane's court, and can be found in the Duke's Demesne. She is also Fedel's wife



  • "That firm, set jaw, fire in your eyes...I'm like to see my own dreams of conquest abed tonight."
  • "Don't listen to anything that Fool says!"
  • "Feste? No, I speak of my husband, though I suspect the dwarf may be the bigger man. Fedel would have people believe he's of the duke's own blood, but its a bald-faced lie."
  • "Truth be told, he was a serving man in the employ of His Grace's late nephew. The boy's been dead many a year by now. To my knowledge, Duke Edmun Dragonsbane has no living blood relation."
  • "Tis a shame solitude is not a beast man can conquer with steel and mettle."
  • "I have another confession, ser. I am dreadful tired of this world and all in it. I simply hate it all. My husband, the duke, his castle and all in it... Even food and wine turn to ash in my mouth. Would that it were all ash in truth! I wish the dragon to come and put the world to flame. Do you think I'm mad? If I am, I assure you I'm not alone. Far from it, I should think. Persisting in this endless drudgery -- that's true madness."