Divine Defense is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Perfect Defense that guards against all attacks at a greatly decreased Stamina cost."

An advanced version of Perfect Defense, that greatly increases defense whilst draining less stamina whilst active.

Whilst in use one remains static and crouched behind the shield, unable to attack or move. Almost all strikes are deflected, but blocking still uses stamina.


Skill Stamina use
Perfect Defense 30 per sec
Divine Defense 15 per sec
  • Divine Defense drains less stamina than Perfect Defense
    • Hits blocked will drain extra stamina - the stronger the blow the more stamina will be lost.
    • The hit absorption of both skills are the same
    • Once stamina is exhausted the defense ends, if a hit drains the last part of stamina the block will not be broken, though exhaustion will follow.
  • Allows its user to ignore grapples and grabs, including the grapple holds of possessed pawns, and also prevents many grab attacks such as those of cyclopesogresharpies drakes, and gargoyles.
  • Perfect and Divine Defense does not defend against all attacks :
  • This skill can block debilitations from stone sarcophagi (Curse), Cockatrices (Petrification).
  • Useful in tandem with Shield Summons to bait enemies to focus on the Arisen while pawns cast big spells or pick off the distracted enemy opposition.
  • This can be a life-saver when the Arisen's health is low, with no curatives available.
  • Activate the skill again to cancel. Alternatively [jump] to cancel.

Pawn use

Though pawns use this skill correctly, if a little too readily against lesser foes, it tends to override other blocking behaviours. Specifically Perfect Blocking, which they are very effective at is only done rarely - as the skill does not return damage (Deflect) nor knockback a pawn's effectiveness is generally reduced with this skill equipped.

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