Distilled Herb Ale is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A fortified version of the draft brewed from Selene 's hand-tended herbs."

Distilled Herb Ale restores 800 Health to every member in the group.

The ale is obtained by giving Selene a King Bay Leaf - this can be done as many times as desired, but Selene will only brew this ale when the party has none in its inventory.

An alternate method of obtaining a single flask of Distilled Herb Ale is to undertake Walter's escort quest Deliverance - upon completion, one Distilled Herb Ale will be awarded.



Component to

Item Item Product
Distilled Herb Ale + Nostalgia Dust = Fragrant Herb Ale


A Taste to be Acquired (quest walkthrough)-0

A Taste to be Acquired (quest walkthrough)-0

Using the Mystic Knight's Sky Rapture skill, the Arisen takes a shortcut to the Witchwood. Acquire the King Bay Leaf from the Guardian's Grave, give it to Selene in Cassardis, then submit the Distilled Herb Ale to Arsmith to complete the quest.

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