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Disa's Plot is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"Queen regent Disa would pursue her ambitions at any cost even at the expense of the kingdom. If you are to put an end to her schemes, you must uncover the evidence to prove them."

Quest Objectives[]

DDCHECKBOX Uncovered evidence of Disa's scheme.
DDCHECKBOX Reported back to Captain Brant.


  1. Speak with Brant at the The Stardrop Inn to start this quest.
  2. Rest until nightfall at an inn or a personal living quarter. This will align with the correct time window to enter the castle offices.
  3. Head to Vernworth Castle and meet with Sonia located in the front court yard. She will guide the Arisen to a safe entrance to the castle.Tip: Before entering inside, it is recommended looting or purchasing the Marcher's Armor Set which consists of a helm, armor, and cuisses. The guards won't turn hostile if all three pieces are equipped, making it easier to enter the office.
  4. When inside the castle enter the offices. A Torn Letter will be sitting on a desk in the room.
  5. After taking the letter, Sven will enter. Speak with him and then escape through an open window to leave the castle.
  6. Return to Brant and give him the letter to complete this quest.


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