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Devyn is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The owner of her own barber shop in Gran Soren. It's rumored that she once used to deal in medicines."

Devyn is the proprietor of Devyn's Barber Shop in Gran Soren. Her establishment provides hair cuts and restyles, beard trims, and the option to change the voice - for a small fee.




During Seeking Salavation

"Salvation, eh? Aye, I've heard the name often of late. And you're not the first to ask, besides. 'Twas a mason asked before, new to Gran Soren. No, pardon, that was his name. Aye, Mason."

When near her

"Aye, times are dark, but this drudgery's worse than any dragon
"We can't Change fate, but we can change our hair, aye? Let's live while we're alive!"
"All eyes are on you, Arisen. Why not give them aught to look at?
You're serious at heart. So perhaps you might allow a little whimsy into your manner?"
"So? Fancy my shop, Arisen?"

When speaking to her ""What will it be today, mm?" When leaving

"Come again soon!"