Decoction of Bandlily is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A liquid distilled from bandlilly, the fabled magickal plant. Drink it to improve Magick Defense for a limited time."

Causes Magick Defenses Boosted for the entire party for one minute.

This potion may be found in chests in various Gransys locations, or can be stolen from Salvation Members or Wandering Pawns using Master Thief.

Sold by Mathias, Akim and Fournival, who has an unlimited stock.

In Dark Arisen it is dropped by the Dark Bishop.


2 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Waterfell Gentian Root + Verdigris Concoction = Decoction of Bandlily


  • Can be stacked up to four times with other magick defense boosts (multiplicative).
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