Decaying Grimoire is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An old book of untold magick. Infused with the power to summon spirits."

Generally obtained by combining book fragments obtained for defeated Skeleton Mages - it can also be stolen from them using Master Thief.

Also occasionally found in chests, including on Bitterblack Isle, and is sold by Akim in The Everfall (Post-Game)

On use, a spell like Funnel Sigil is cast, that lasts only 5 seconds.


Product of

Item Item Product
Torn Grimoire Appendix + Torn Grimoire Preface = Decaying Grimoire


  • Given by Reynard as a reward for full completion of the Quest Search Party.
  • ERROR!!! The in game text may be a translation error : in the Japanese the text is "強い魔力の込められた古い魔導書敵を吸い寄せる闇の力が込められている" - possibly "draw in enemies" became "summon demon"
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